Number of Ukrainian refugees exceeds 3 mln
Most of the refugees go to Poland and westward.
Poland accommodated 15K political refugees from Belarus after 2020
The head of the Foreign Ministry said that they would never be denied help.
Migrants on borders of EU: How Lukashenka taking revenge for Western sanctions
In pursuit of his political or economic interests, Alyaksandr Lukashenka has repeatedly played the border card. He keeps resorting to a number of tools that are inconsistent with international law and bilateral treaties. The current migration crisis on the borders of Poland and the Baltic States is an example of such actions.
I Was Being Lucky. Maksim’s story: ‘You are talking to man who dug ten graves in forest’
In 2020, Belarus became a country with thousands of detained, beaten, tortured people. In its project ‘I Was Being Lucky’, Belsat TV tells the stories of 21 Belarusians who suffered police brutality.