Ramzan Kadyrov

Political refugee who criticized Ramzan Kadyrov killed in Austria
The suspect in the murder is also Chechen.
Sound as a bell. Kadyrov comments on his allegedly getting COVID-19
Amid rumours of his being hospitalised with lung disease, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov claims he has no health issues. The politician has not been appeared in public for several days.
Is Chechnya still Russia? (ENG explainer)
Western and Russian researchers have long described the Chechen republic as being ‘internal abroad’. Why do they no longer consider Chechnya part of Russia? Watch the video!
Kadyrov reportedly comes down with coronavirus - media
Chechnya’s Head Ramzan Kadyrov was taken by plane to Moscow on May, 21. He allegedly contracted the novel coronavirus, BAZA reports.
Chechen policemen use pipes to punish quarantine violators
“Quarantine is on. Those who don’t understand it will be treated with pipe stick to get it.
‘For merits’: Ramzan Kadyrov drapes medal over his daughter Aishat
21-year-old Aishat Kadyrova has received a medal ‘For merits to the Chechen Republic’, the website of Chechnya’s strongman reports.
Unknown person seeks to kill opponent of Chechen regime in Europe
Tumso Abdurahmanov, a reputed blogger and critic of Ramzan Kadyrov, survived an assassination attempt, Chechen human rights organisation Vayfond reports.
Russian journalist and lawyer attacked in Grozny before controversial case trial
A journalist and a lawyer who came to the trial of the author of the video about “Chechen Rublevka” were attacked in Chechnya.