KGB scares citizens with terrorists. Why did Belarusians not turn from peaceful protest to violence and murder?
If there are three hundred “terrorists”, where are the terrorist attacks?
Привезла из Беларуси ветки, чтобы делать посуду в Израиле
Лика уже три года живет на Святой земле и создает авторскую керамику с помощью растений.
BYPOL: Authorities may stage ‘terrorist attack’ on Freedom Day to impose emergency state
The authorities might stage sort of a terrorist attack on the eve of Dzien Voli, Belarusians’ unofficial Freedom Day, BYPOL, a campaign created by opposition-minded people who earlier belonged to Belarusian uniformed services, warns on Telegram.
Believers gather to pray outside New Life Church building they were evicted from
They were evicted four days ago.