Why Putin amended Russia’s Constitution / ENG explainer
The referendum ballot paper contained just two options: “For” or “Against”. Amendments to the Constitution – initiated by the Russian president on January 20, before the pandemic – have been approved in record time by the State Duma, Constitutional Court, and regional assemblies. Why did Vladimir Putin want to amend the Constitution, and how will it change Russia? 
Presidential wannabe focuses on independence, promises to hone Belarusian
During Sunday’s live broadcast on Youtube, wannabe presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka answered people’s questions and elaborated on his political ambitions and his vision of the country’s independence.
Ukrainian president Zelensky says second term possible
Before the election, however, Zelensky promised to change the country in one presidential term and hand it over to the new president.
Zeroing. Vladimir Putin may run for presidency in 2024
On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has assented to the deputies’ proposal to ‘zero out’ a number of presidential terms he served on condition that the Constitutional Court and Russian citizens approve it, the press service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation reports.