political asylum

Poland accommodated 15K political refugees from Belarus after 2020
The head of the Foreign Ministry said that they would never be denied help.
Belarusian IT specialist who helped uncover torture in Russian prisons put on wanted list
Syarhei Saveliyeu asked for political asylum in France.
‘Police threatened to take away my adopted kid’. Youtubing tractor driver seeks asylum in Latvia
Farm machinery operator, tractor driver and blogger Yauhen Vasilkou has left Belarus together with his family due to the political persecution they faced, RFE/RL reports.
Hundreds of Belarusians receive humanitarian visas and ask for political asylum in Lithuania
Twice as many people asked for asylum in Poland than in Lithuania
Police checking if father and son hiding in Swedish embassy attacked officer
Vital and Uladzislau Kuznechyk had allegedly used non-lethals and force against police officers at the rally, writes TUT.by.