police torture

Bullied and sentenced to jail for 'political' scarf
Yahor Tsyhvintsau was detained along with his wife on March 25. They were walking along Pritytski Street when a police van stopped and unknown people ran out to detain them
Leaked video: Post-election abuse and violence in police department in Minsk
On December 17, By_Pol, the campaign created by opposition-minded people who earlier belonged to uniformed services, published a video of police officers humiliating and beating detainees in Frunzenski district police department of Minsk on August, 12.
Torture Center. Stories from Belarusian Detention Center
People arrested in the first days of protests and tortured in the detention center on Akrestsina Street share their experiences and emotions. We have footage from Akrestsina Street from August 10 to 14 when our heroes were there, as well as amateur recordings of their arrest.
Belarusian human rights activists send to UN 47 statements from Belarusian torture victims
They call for an investigation into the torture of civilians