Eighty Belarusians enter Poland on single day fleeing repression
They will be assisted in Poland.
Poland ready to pay for migrants to go home
“It has to be a common effort.”
Belarus officers took part in Tuesday’s migrant attack on border, Polish police claim
12 Polish officers were injured in the course of migrants’ attack that took place at the Bruzgi-Kuznica border crossing on November 16, Jarosław Szymczyk, head of Poland’s National Police Headquarters told Tv station Polsatnews.
HR Borrell: ‘Entry in EU is only possible through legitimate border crossings’
The people trapped in the Lukashenka regime’s deplorable scheme need to be provided the necessary assistance; they should not be dying frozen at the border, Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,stated on the back of Foreign Affairs Council and Eastern Partnership Ministerial on November 15.
Poland may cut off rail traffic with Belarus
According to the minister, Poland and its partners still have “many cards to play”
Thirty-two Polish diplomats leave Belarus prompting visa issues
Polish Foreign Ministry decided to fulfill the requirements of the official Minsk
'For consultations': Belarus recalling envoys from Poland, Lithuania
Minsk is recalling its ambassadors to Poland and Lithuania for consultations and encouraging the two neighbouring countries to do the same.
Solidary Białystok
Białystok is an important place among the solidary cities. Firstly, because of its close proximity and strong economic ties with Belarus, secondly, because it has a large Belarusian national minority, and thirdly, because it has a growing Belarusian diaspora. Hence, in Białystok, numerous actions of solidarity with the persecuted Belarusians in their homeland have been taking place. In my documentary, I want to show the diversity and spectacularism of these actions.
‘May the walls collapse’. Polish Solidarity voices support for Belarusians ahead of election
The people of Belarus are not and cannot remain alone in their fight, the activists of Poland’s legendary movement ‘Solidarity’ declared in their address to ‘Belarusian friends’ in the wake of pre-election repression in the neighbouring country.
Poland’s FM mentions political prisoners in conversation with Belarus counterpart
At the initiative of the Polish side, Uladzimir Makey and Jacek Czaputowicz had a telephone conversation on Friday.
Polish owner of Idea Bank plans to sell
Getin Holding owns 99.9% of Idea Bank shares.