Pneumonia will go away, but bread is always needed - Lukashenka
During Friday’s working visit to Lida district, Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has responded to criticism of his way of confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vitsebsk hospital nurse suddenly dies of pneumonia amid COVID-19 fears
Her relatives believe that a woman’s death is not related to the coronavirus.
Lukashenka unveils number of COVID-19 patients and threatens to dismiss government
“Can’t we make a mask?”
‘Sitting on volcano’: Minsk doctor about inaction, cover-up amid COVID-19 outbreak
When reached by, Minsk-based intensivist Katsyaryna has made a comment on the epidemic situation in Minsk and regions on condition of anonymity. According to her, Belarus may be facing a perfect storm.
Minsk region: Woman diagnosed with pneumonia dies amid local COVID-19 outbreak
Overnight into Wednesday, Natallya A., a 70-year-old teacher, passed away in a district hospital in the town of Kapyl (Minsk region).