People's Anti-Crisis Administration

Tsikhanouskaya urged Belarusians to come to polls
“Golos” will be counting votes
Democratic forces condemn involvement of Belarusian troops in events in Kazakhstan
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s office, the opposition Coordination Council and the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration issued a joint statement on the inadmissibility of Belarusian servicemen’ participating in the operation abroad.
New criminal case opened against Belarusian opposition leaders Tsikhanouskaya, Latushka
The Investigative Committee of Belarus has initiated another criminal case against Belarusian opposition leaders Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya and Pavel Latushka; they are charged with ‘unwarranted appropriation of the title or power of an official’ (Article 382 of the Criminal Code).
Authorities set to get full access to banking information of Belarusians - opposition
The People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) says they it received documents stating that the Interior Ministry, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office would receive all information about accounts and e-wallets in Belarusian banks.
Latushka calls on IMF to block Belarus from borrowing money
He made a corresponding appeal to the IMF leadership
Protesters in Poland and Lithuania set up tent cities on border with Belarus demanding change
Belarusians demand Lukashenka’s resignation.
Latushka threatens to block border between Belarus and Poland if EU does not impose sanctions
The action starts this Saturday
‘Safe platform’: Belarusian opposition politician Pavel Latushka to set up new party
On Thursday, Pavel Latushka, Head of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) and a former Belarusian diplomat, announced establishing a new political party. According to him, such initiative is also a current-day instrument of pressure which demonstrates their absolutely being confident of victory.
Opposition politician Latushka says officials are discretely against Lukashenka
In 6 days, an open letter against Lukashenka was signed by 1,090 Belarusian officials
Belarus, Russia discussing single currency roadmap, People's Anti-Crisis Administration says
Belarus and Russia have resumed discussing the single currency roadmap, the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) reports with reference to its own sources in the country’s National Bank.
Opposition politician Pavel Latushka: KGB instructed to keep close tabs on me
Former Belarusian diplomat and minister Pavel Latushka is now in charge of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PAA). In an interview with Belsat, the opposition leader commented on the post-election protest situation and made mention of his being under the KGB’s scrutiny.