Belarusian authorities to allow parties for permanent residents only
A new draft law is being prepared in Belarus. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Justice after a meeting with Lukashenka on political parties, reports ONT.
'Razam' party meeting dispersed by police
‘Safe platform’: Belarusian opposition politician Pavel Latushka to set up new party
On Thursday, Pavel Latushka, Head of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) and a former Belarusian diplomat, announced establishing a new political party. According to him, such initiative is also a current-day instrument of pressure which demonstrates their absolutely being confident of victory.
Pressure on opposition parties’ leaders: Kazlou in hospital, Barysau in remand prison
Mikalai Kazlou, Chairman of the United Civic Party of Belarus (UCPB), was taken to hospital from the detention centre on Akrestsin Street in Minsk, UCPB reports.
Referendum to overlap with local election with parties re-registered first
This was stated by Lukashenka