Natallia Hershe

Natallia Hersche released after 17 months behind bars
Natalia Hersche was greeted by her brother and the Swiss ambassador
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche goes on hunger strike again
Natallia Hersche, who is currently being held in a closed men’s prison in Mahiliou, has embarked on another hunger strike on January 30, RFE/RL reports with reference to the political prisoner’s brother Henadz Kasyan. Natallia, who is a citizen of Belarus and Switzerland, has been behind bars for over a year.
Switzerland may send envoy to Belarus, hand over credentials to Lukashenka
From colony to prison: Political prisoner Natallia Hersche facing tougher confinement conditions
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche will be transferred from the Homiel-based women’s penal colony to a prison, where the conditions of confinement are highly likely to be harsher.
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche refuses to ask for pardon insisting she is innocent
She feels good, she’s not stressed, except she’s worried about her hair, which has started to fall out.
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche placed in punishment cell
Belarusian political prisoner Natallia Hershe, who is also a Swiss citizen, was placed in punitive confinement for “violation of the established order of serving a sentence’, her brother Henadz Kasyan told RFE/RL.
Allegedly deprived of correspondence: Political prisoner Natallia Hersche on hunger strike again?
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche, who is also a Swiss citizen, started another hunger strike, her brother Henadz told Belsat on March, 6.
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche opts for hunger strike to improve confinement conditions
On January 18, Belarusian political prisoner Natallia Hersche, who is also a Swiss citizen, was on a hunger strike, RFE/RL reports.
Belarus-born Swiss national gets 2.5 years in jail for tearing balaclava off policeman
On December 7, Belarusian Natallia Hersche, who also holds Swiss citizenship, has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for removing a balaclava from a riot police officer during a protest rally on September 19.