Ales Lyauchuk

‘Preventive talk’: Brest police in search of Belsat TV journo who had to leave Belarus two months ago
An officer of Maskouski police department of Brest is looking for Belsat Tv Ales Lyauchuk in order to conduct a so called preventive conversation with him.
Family of journalists forced to leave Belarus under pressure from authorities
Journalists Ales Lyauchuk and Milana Kharytonava became defendants in a criminal case.
Two journos facing trial for interview near House of Justice
Brest-based freelance journalists Ales Lyauchuk and Milana Kharytonava are accused of the violation of the law on mass media.
At least 40 journos detained in Belarus before and during today's protests
The post-election protests have been lasting for over two months in Belarus. To prevent the uncensored covering of Sunday’s marches, the police have detained over 40 media workers in different corners of the country.