Belarusian MPs support criminalizing calls for sanctions
It provides for up to 12 years of imprisonment
Belarusian MPs to discuss jail terms for calls to sanctions
MP Belakoneu initiated changes
Belarusian senators pass repressive legislation
And the law on changes in appearance
Belarusian authorities to allow parties for permanent residents only
A new draft law is being prepared in Belarus. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Justice after a meeting with Lukashenka on political parties, reports ONT.
OAC under Lukashenka stands to turn off Internet in Belarus
Those who disobey will be punished
Businesses to fire workers for calls to political strikes
Such changes will be adopted in the near future
Amendments to Criminal Code suggesting tougher sentences confirmed
But the Ministry of Justice stresses that the draft version cannot yet be called final. Authorities may make their own changes, and then it will be sent to the parliament.
MPs to review bill banning WRW flag
It can be declared extremist
‘We’ve set the ball rolling’: Lukashenka to stiffen penalties for participating in protests
On the second day of the Belarusian People’s Congress, Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced the plans to change the law on mass events.
Belarus to simplify procedure for obtaining citizenship
Belarus will make the law on citizenship more liberal.
Belarus may ease rules of granting citizenship
Belarusian lawmakers are expected to consider amendments to the law on citizenship at the spring session of the House of Representatives, state-run news agency BelTA reports.