Lukashenka signs updated Education Code. What's next?
The new Code is wrong on many levels
Up to 2.5 years in jail: Minsk court imposes sentences on defendants in so called students case
On July 16, Savetski district court of Minsk announced guilty verdicts in the so called students case.
Lukashenka replaces rectors in three universities amid ongoing student protests
MSLU and BrSTU students went to protest against the change of their rectors
Students all over Belarus take part in solidarity events
At least three students were detained in Hrodna
Minsk: OMON entering university, brutally detaining linguistics students (videos)
On Friday, riot policemen rushed into the building of Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU) when protesting students were singing La Marseillaise. At least five persons have been detained.
Belarus Education Minister comments on school year changes
Whether there will be a new format of graduation parties will become clear by the end of May.
New plan to combat COVID-19 approved in Minsk
The Minsk City Executive Committee banned corporate parties and asked to wash the icons.
Universities adjust syllabus and move lectures online
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, some universities cancel lectures.
COVID-19: Belarusian students seeking distance learning
In spite of the coronavirus threat, teaching and learning activities continue at Belarusian universities.
Newcomer’s impressions: ‘Belarus resembles Syria, but there’s no war.’
When the war in Syria broke out, Ammar Alshaar left his homeland and entered the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.