foreign currency

Belaruskali takes loans to pay salaries and suspends mining operations
The reason is the EU and U.S. sanctions
Can Russia withstand international isolation after attacking Ukraine?
Russia now owes 117 million
Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange starts trading Chinese yuan
Belarus tries to switch to national currencies
Russian ruble in free fall, some Belarusian banks no longer accept it
100 Russian rubles are now 1 BYN
Russia bans sale of foreign currency to population
Russian citizens can now withdraw no more than $10,000 from their foreign currency accounts
Russian residents to be charged 30% commission when buying currency
This was announced by the Central Bank
Belarusian banks impose card limits
“Dabrabyt” introduced a limit on the card money withdrawal
Forex reserves of Belarus increase to 42.2 tons during the year
According to preliminary estimates, international reserve assets of Belarus amounted to $9 billion 393.5 million in equivalent as of January 1, 2020, the National Bank reports.