2018.07.26 12:19

Fines of $3,600: Belsat TV journo’s sad record in 2018

2018.07.16 06:57

Belsat journalists to lose car and property if they don’t pay fines

2018.06.15 14:45

Dog catches illegals on border with Poland

2018.06.12 13:03

Journalist fined for report about police’s battering elderly man

2018.06.07 09:46 Video

Brutal detention, protocol, strip-to-underwear: Authorities give no peace to Belsat TV journalist

2018.06.07 06:45

Belarus may introduce criminal liability for fake information

2018.06.06 16:01 Video

Treadmill: Belsat TV contributor Katsyaryna Andreyeva fined again

2018.05.30 10:51

Revenue source: Lukashenka regime keep imposing fines on Belsat TV contributors

2018.05.29 08:31

Minsk police summon Belsat TV contributors en masse

2018.05.24 19:48

Mahiliou: Pressure on independent journalists continues

2018.05.18 13:03

Lithuania may impose heavy fine for wearing St. George’s ribbons

2018.05.14 14:05

Hrodna: Belsat TV host fined for livestreaming on Freedom Day

2018.05.08 09:19

$3,000 in just one day: Heavy fines to Belsatters

2018.05.07 14:31

‘For dearest Lukashenka, Putin’: Belsat TV contributors on trial

2018.04.25 16:23

Vitsebsk court sets aside fine to Belsat TV reporter