Дзяніс ІВашын

Political prisoner Dzyanis Ivashyn’s mother receives no letters from son for over 4 months
Lyudmila Ivashyna, the mother of the imprisoned journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn, has not received letters or postcards from her son for more than four months.
Jailed journo Dzyanis Ivashyn placed in disciplinary cell before Christmas
Political prisoner Dzyanis Ivashyn has been put in punitive confinement again, his wife Volha reports.
New treason charges against journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn confirmed
He has been in solitary confinement for over a week now
One more week in punitive confinement imposed on political prisoner Dzyanis Ivashyn
Hrodna journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn has been behind bars for 228 days. He has not been given letters for a long time.
Hrodna: New charges brought against imprisoned journo Dzyanis Ivashyn
Aleh Varanetski, the head of the KGB investigation department in Hrodna region, informed Volha Ivashyna of levelling two charges against her husband.
Journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn gets heart attack behind bars
Imprisoned journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn who was placed in a disciplinary cell underwent a cardiac seizure, his mother Lyudmila said on Monday evening.
Belarusian investigative journo Dzyanis Ivashyn recognised as political prisoner
On March 24, eight human rights watchdogs issued a joint statement on jailing and charging reputed Belarusian media worker and expert Dzyanis Ivashyn.
Charge filed against investigative journo Dzyanis Ivashyn. KGB raids even his grandma’s place
On Monday, Belarusian security officers have searched the home of arrested journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn’s 95-year-old grandmother, human rights centre Viasna reports with reference to his wife Volha Ivashyna.
KGB detains prominent investigative reporter Dzyanis Ivashyn in Hrodna