Roman Catholic church

State newspaper publishes caricature of Catholics. Catholic Church responds
The cartoon may have evidence of a crime
Political activist Dashkevich gets his letters back
Dashkevich also wrote that when he looks at these bags he feels despair and does not know what to do with them. Perhaps, the activist will keep them for the future museum of “26 years of occupation”.
Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz not deprived of citizenship, Belarus authorities say
His passport was canceled “to avoid its unreasonable use”.
Border Committee explains why Kondrusiewicz was not allowed to enter Belarus
Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz is a native of Belarus, has Belarusian citizenship.
Minsk: Evening prayer and singing under OMON surveillance
On Tuesday evening, several hundred people gathered in front of the Red Church in Minsk.
‘Tasks from Poland’. Lukashenka about entry ban on head of Roman Catholics in Belarus
Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz got into the list of banned persons, which is common for Belarus and Russia, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said on Tuesday when asked about reasons for the Roman Catholic prelate’s being denied entry to Belarus.
Roman Catholic Archbishop and Belarusian citizen Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz denied entry to country
On Monday, Belarusian border guards have not allowed Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Head of the Roman Catholic Church of Belarus, to enter the country. The prelate was returning from Poland, where he was on a business trip.
Archbishop Kandrusevich criticizes Lukashenka's decree on free IVF
According to Archbishop Kandrusevich, this “contradicts the moral teachings of the catholic church”.
Belsat goes live: Easter Sunday Mass from Gate of Dawn
On April 12, Belsat viewers will have an opportunity to watch online or on TV a Holy Mass served in the iconic place of the Lithuanian capital.
The Church On A Cross
The fate of each character of Belsat TV documentary The Church on the Cross may provide a plotline worthy of a Hollywood movie.