2019.09.19 14:17

Lukashenka: If I were that teacher, I’d wring the punk’s neck

2019.09.03 09:06

11-year compulsory schooling to be introduced in Belarus

2019.09.02 14:32

Not smoking, but learning. Lukashenka attends school assembly in Minsk

2019.08.28 02:58

Minsk teenager sets child on fire

2019.08.13 09:08

4-year grandson of Russian election official buys $7 mln property – AFC

2019.08.01 14:49

UN report: Record number of children killed, maimed in conflicts in 2018

2019.07.08 16:45

Kids from separatist republic holidaying in Belarus – official

2019.05.10 05:41

Moscow holds ‘most smiling parade’ involving children and intercontinental rockets

2019.03.31 12:35

Minsk schoolchildren to be lectured on unity of Belarus and Russia

2019.03.18 10:05

‘Kids unable to fire grenade’. Russia MP pushes for basic military training in schools

2019.03.15 14:37

Alyaksandr Lukashenka and Belarusian teens (photo)

2019.02.27 18:10

Belarus MP: Buy smart watches and keep eye on your kids!

2019.02.15 05:28

Son of local official suspected of knife attack

2018.12.17 08:36

Population of Belarus down by 15K people in 2018

2018.11.16 12:43 Photos

Teacher forced to quit job for blowing lid off ‘classes in the dark’