Viktar Babaryka’s final plea in court: ‘I cannot confess to crimes I did not commit’
In his last plea, might-have-been presidential candidate and former banker Viktar Babaryka has not pleaded guilty to the crimes he was accused of.
Jailed political activist Babaryka answers questions about current political situation in Belarus
The trial of Viktar Babaryka will continue on March 22.
Supreme Court to consider Belgazprombank case linked to imprisoned politician Babaryka
The case of Belgazprombank has been taken to court, Anzhalika Kurchak, a representative of the Belarusian Prosecutor General’s Office, said on Thursday.
Lukashenka’s protege Yermakova heads Belgazprombank. Ex-chairman Babaryka still in jail
Belgazprombank’s Board of Directors has approved Nadzeya Yermakova, the former head of the National Bank of Belarus, as its Chairperson.
KGB: Preliminary probe into Babaryka’s case is over
The investigation department of the State Security Committee (KGB) has completed a preliminary investigation into a criminal case against Belgazprombank top managers, including the might-have-been presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka.
Authorities detain another activist linked to imprisoned presidential hopeful
Ilya Shapatkouski, one of the leaders of the Decent People election monitoring initiative, was detained by officers of the Financial Investigations Department on Tuesday, human rights centre Viasna reports.
Account of Russia's Deputy Minister's wife arrested in Belgazprambank
Babaryka was also found guilty of this.
Presidential hopeful Babaryka’s personal assistant arrested
Viktar Babaryka’s PA was detained and taken to the KGB prison in Minsk, the campaign office reported on Wednesday evening.
Lukashenka says he is behind of arresting blogger Syarhei Tsikhanouski
On June 28, state-run TV station Belarus 1 televised a speech made by Alyaksandr Lukashenka in the Belarusian city of Salihorsk last week.
‘Forcible takeover’. Authorities get bank linked to Lukashenka’s rival under control
Nadzeya Yermakova, a former chairperson of the National Bank of Belarus, has been appointed Head of the provisional administration of Belgazprombank.
Belarus authorities suspect Lukashenka’s electoral competitor of ‘illegal activities’
The Financial Investigations Department (part of the State Control Committee) suspects former head of Belgazprombank and wannabe presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka of being complicit in illegal activities, Chairman of the State Control Committee Ivan Tsertsel said on Friday.
Tax evasion charge: Bank linked to Lukashenka’s would-be rival in crosshairs
On Thursday morning, officers of the Financial Investigations Department (part of the State Control Committee) came to the head office of Belgazprombank.