Belarusians abroad

Almost 16K Belarusians enter Georgia in three weeks
More and more citizens of Belarus began to enter Georgia.
Belarusians abroad robbed of 'referendum' vote
There will simply be no polling stations abroad.
Dzyady in Warsaw: Belarusian diaspora stages march in memory of repressed
On Sunday, the action ‘Dzyady’ took place in the centre of the Polish capital city; the representatives of the Belarusian diaspora honoured the memory of the victims of Stalinism by holding a march.
Belarusians stage exhibition at Lithuania-Belarus border
On June 14, the exhibition named At The Border was opened in the Lithuanian town of Medininkai which is just a few kilometres off the territory of Belarus.
St. Petersburg: Belarusians picketing embassy warned against showing white-red-white flags
Starting December 26, picketers will be banned from showing symbols in ‘protest’ white-red-white colours when gathering at Belarus’ embassy in St. Petersburg, MBKh Media reports, citing Artur Hruntou, a representative of the local association of Belarusians.
Belarusian girl stuck in Saudi Arabia with little help from diplomats
The embassy asked why she went there.