KGB declares BelaPAN extremist formation
This is the second media outlet with this status
Employees of Novy Chas media outlet in police’s crosshairs
On Wednesday morning, Aksana Kolb, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Novy Chas, and its deputy editor Syarhei Pulsha were out of reach for long, the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) reported.
Director of non-state news agency BelaPAN to remain behind bars for another two months
Iryna Leushyna’s being in custody has been extended for two months, until December 18, naviny-by reports with reference to her daughter Hanna.
Imprisoned media expert Andrey Alyaksandrau’s detention extended for two months
The Belarusian authorities have extended the detention of political prisoner Andrey Alyaksandrau for the coming two months, until November 12, reports with reference to his friends.
‘Tax evasion’: Imprisoned media expert Andrey Alyaksandrau faces another charge
Journalist and media manager Andrey Alyaksandrau has been accused of ‘tax evasion which caused large-scale damage’ (Part 2 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code).
BelaPAN executives transferred to detention center
From the TDF in Akrestsina to the pre-trial detention center in Valadarski street
BelaPAN accountant Katsyaryna Boyeva released
Boyeva remains a suspect.
Belarus authorities suspect arrested BelaPAN reps of tax evasion
In the period from June 2018 to January 2021, employees of news agency BelaPAN submitted false information to the tax office, which led to non-payment of taxes totalling to over 100,000 rubles, the Belarusian Investigative Committee reports.
BelaPAN editor-in-chief Iryna Leushyna not given mattress, pillow in detention centre
On Tuesday, defence lawyers visited Iryna Leushyna, editor-in-chief of the independent news agency BelaPAN, accountant Katsyaryna Boyeva and former BelaPAN director Dzmitry Navazhylau in the detention centre, reports.
Detained BelaPAN employees recognized as political prisoners
They are detained on criminal charges for “organizing or preparing actions that grossly violate public order”.
Minsk: Police searching homes of BelaPAN journos, several employees detained
On Wednesday morning, Belarusian security forces made unexpected visits to a number of contributors to the independent news agency BelaPAN, reports.
Minsk: Raid on office of independent news agency BelaPAN
Uniformed people entered the editorial office in Minsk at about 12:10, BelaPAN journalist Tatsyana Bublikava said.
Photojournalist Viyaleta Sauchyts found guilty of taking part in rally she was covering
The protocol was drawn up postfactum.