Police arrest resident of Babruisk with Parkinson's
He may not survive the arrest.
Belarusian MIA reports detention of 'terrorists' in Mahiliou region
Law enforcers detained three residents of Babruisk
Babruysk: Activist sentenced to 1.5 years of restriction of liberty for ‘insulting’ police on web
A local court announced a guilty verdict in the case of Syarhei Hurlo, Chairman of the Babruisk branch of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union.
Babruysk: Hunger-strikers put in disciplinary cells
Six persons sentenced to administrative arrest are reported to have started hungerstriking in the remand prison of the town of Babruysk.
Babruisk journalists under pressure after police station fire
Security officials opened a criminal case
Babruisk historian and journalist speaks about arrest and beatings
“The wagons were carrying the crop, but instead of the grain there were people.”
Police block half of Babruisk streets to prevent 'anti-parade'
‘Traffic police are parked in every yard. People in civilian clothes walk back and forth in the street’
The Repressed Architecture
One can learn about different epochs – pre-revolutionary, Soviet, and even up-to-date – just looking at Stanislau Shabuneuski’s buildings.
Argentinian in Chernobyl zone: all blooms here except us
The Argentinean Santiago Lutereau has been traveling for the past ten years. He is engaged in tourist photography and plans to create a video blog. In search of unusual content he arrived in Belarusian part of the exclusion zone.