Azerbaijan threatens Armenia with missile attack on NPP
In 2018, Belarus sold the latest multiple launch rocket system “Polonez” to Azerbaijan.
Why oil will no longer be expensive (ENG video)
Oil now costs what it did back in the 1990s – $20 a barrel. High prices for hydrocarbons have allowed the Russian, Azerbaijani and Kazakh economies to grow rapidly in the last twenty years. Will they survive this period of the cheapest oil ever? How long will it last? Why is black gold no longer gold?
Top 5 post-Soviet autocrats’ bizarre approaches to COVID-19
With coronavirus reaching every corner of the world, restrictive measures have been placed for containing the virus and preventing higher death rates. However, some autocrats take advantage of the pandemic to tighten the screws on a population and strengthen their power. Others suggested alternative medicine as a cure, publicly rejecting the threat of the novel coronavirus or its aftermaths for the economy and health of a country. 
How Azerbaijan buys Western sympathies (ENG video)
According to the OCCRP, the Azeri authorities paid foreign politicians bribes amounting to millions of dollars. Why did Baku require Western sympathies?
Belarus considering oil supplies from U.S.
Belarus is also looking for cheap oil.
Belneftekhim hopes to receive 250K tons of oil from Azerbaijan in March
In March, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan will deliver three shipments of oil to Belarus.
Azerbaijani SOCAR to supply up to 1 mln tons of oil to Belarus in 2020
“Volumes will increase from year to year”.