Up to 6.5 years in jail: 14 defendants in Pinsk protesters’ case get heavy sentences
The so-called Pinsk case has been considered in Maskouski district court of Brest since March, 23.
Brest: Nine persons, including two minors, get harsh sentences over post-election protests
On March 10, nine persons were convicted in Maskouski district court of Brest as part of the ‘mass riots’ case. Journalists and human rights activists were not let into the courtroom.
Authorities refuse to open criminal case against officers who shot down protester Taraykouski
The Investigative Committee decided against launching criminal proceedings over the death of Minsker Alyaksandr Taraykouski, its chairman Ivan Naskevich told news agency BelTA.
Minsk: Solidarity chain and mass detentions (photo report)
Thursday’s solidarity rally which started in Minsk at 6 pm ended with mass detentions.
"They beat me on thighs, dipped my head into toilet". Story of one detention in Homiel
Street resistance and conditions in the Homiel jail
29 years since Belarus regained independence
On 25 August 1991, the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Belarus entered into force. Belarus utterly and completely left the USSR and officially became a sovereign state.
Minsker wants to help injured man but ends up beaten up
On August 10, one of the the most heated places of confrontation between protesters and law enforcement was near the Riga supermarket in Minsk.
Riot police cause Minsk citizen dreadful injury. His life is in danger. has learned about a 28-year-old Ihar Lyaudanski, who was brutally beaten by OMON during a clash with protesters. His skull was fractured.
Police shoot protesters and journalists with rubber bullets in Minsk
Nasha Niva journalist has been shot by people in camouflage.
Tsikhanouskaya: ‘I don’t know how to act now, but I’m not going to leave Belarus’
During Monday’s press conference, presidential candidate Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya condemned the brutal crackdown on post-election peaceful protests on August, 9.
Investigators: Dozens policemen injured; riot participants face long prison sentences
The riots took place in Minsk and some other regions of the country, the Investigation Committee (IC) said on Monday.
Election in Belarus: Day after LIVE
We continue our special post-election broadcast on August, 10.