Andrey Shved

From satellite dishes dismantling to ‘extremism’: 13 years of Lukashenka regime's attempts to bring down Belsat
Belsat TV channel started broadcasting on December 10, 2007. Even before the broadcast, in April 2007, Alyaksandr Lukashenka voiced his attitude to Belsat, calling it a “stupid and hostile” project. Therefore, from the very beginning, the authorities saw the journalists of the TV channel as enemies. recollects the history of the TV channel persecution.
Woman sentenced to freedom restriction for post about Prosecutor General
The woman is to pay Shved 9 thousand rubles
Over 100 criminal cases for 'mockery of state symbols' in Belarus
According to Shved, the defendants “generally confessed and repented, often publicly.”
Belarus launches criminal case against mayor of Riga and Latvian Foreign Minister
Act of Solidarity with Belarusians labeled as one “inciting national hatred”
Belarus Prosecutor General’s Office set to be after ‘still living Nazi criminals’ in Poland, Lithuania
Belarusian investigators got information about hundreds of previously unknown places of slaughtering the country’s population during the Second World War, Prosecutor General Andrey Shved told TV station Belarus 1.
Belarusian senators pass repressive legislation
And the law on changes in appearance
Prosecutor General's Office opens criminal case over 'genocide of the Belarusian population' during the war
Andrei Shved opened a criminal case for the genocide of the population of Belarus
Belarus mulls introducing criminal responsibility for 'dissemination of extremist views'
General Prosecutor’s Office proposes to increase responsibility for “extremist activity”
Prosecutor General Andrey Shved announces strengthening of repressive measures
The General Prosecutor’s Office has prepared a set of proposals related to strengthening responsibility for extremism and violation of public order.
Each protester will be detected and punished - Prosecutor General
All participants in unauthorised mass events will be held liable, Belarus’ Prosecutor General Andrey Shved said on Thursday.