Anatol Lyabedzka

Only Putin needs referendum in Belarus, expert says
Anatol Lyabedzka shares his views with Belsat
Criminal case opened against politician, Tsikhanouskaya’s rep Anatol Lyabedzka
A criminal case has been instituted against Anatol Lyabedzka, a former chairman of the United Civic Party of Belarus (UCPB). However, no further details are known.
Politician Lyabedzka secretly taken from jail and dropped off on outskirts
Anatol said he was taken from the detention center in a car facing the floor.
Why do Putin and Lukashenka need a fake coup attempt?
Lukashenka claims to have prevented an attempt at an armed coup prepared by the American secret services. Putin publicly repeats this thesis and threatens the collective West. Few people believe in this story. But do the leaders of Belarus and Russia believe in it? And what do Putin and Lukashenka want to hide from each other?