Alyaksei Aleksin

Having supplied the Presidential Security Service carpark, Oleksin got control over tobacco business
In that year Oleksin expanded the Presidential Security Service carpark with 9 expensive vintage automobiles
IT businessman Alyaksandr Shatrou eager to avoid EU sanctions
It is all about “Stigma Soft,” a joint project of “Synesis” and Aleksin
Revenue from cigarette sales goes to UAE offshores
Revenue from cigarette sales goes to UAE offshores. How Belarusian oligarchs’ illegal tobacco business works. Investigation BelsatTV together with the Lithuanian investigative portal and the International Center for Investigation of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP)
Who is who in Belarus' grey business schemes
The Kraken of Corruption
Lukashenka's crony Aleksin buys Idea Bank
The deal costs 50 million Belarusian rubles (almost 16 million euros)
IT company Synesis, which is now under EU sanctions, is connected with Lukashenka
The journalists of Euroradio have conducted an extensive investigation, which exposes the connection between Synesis and Aleksin and Sheiman.