Alyaksandr Vikhor

To Go and Not Come back… Summary...
Who could imagine how the Belarusian authorities would react to people who were dissatisfied with the regime? Today everyone who does not agree with Lukashenka’s policy is put behind bars. The representatives of law enforcement were given permission to brutally handle people. There are already missing persons. In the first three parts of the documentary, we tried to familiarize the viewers with the victims, now we want to show the results of the investigations. Who will be responsible for the killings, how were investigations and court hearings conducted?
Alyaksandr Vikhor died after being beaten by OMON year ago. Perpetrators still not punished
On 9 August 2020, 25-year-old Alyaksandr Vikhor was detained by riot police in Homiel and sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest for ‘participating in protest rallies’.
At least 15: Deaths linked to post-election protests in Belarus
There are at least 15 names on this sad list.
To Go and Not Come back... Episode 2
Alaxandr Vikhor (Sasha) did not vote in the presidential election and did not participate in the protests. 9 August 2020, he was detained and rortured to death. Henadz Shutau went to the protest only out of curiosity. He was shot in the back of the head. What these people were like and how they died, the documentary “To Go and Not Come back. Episode 2” tells about.
40 days pass since death of Raman Bandarenka. Criminal case still not opened
Minsk resident Raman Bandarenka passed away on November, 12 at the age of 31. He was allegedly beaten to death by pro-Lukashenka thugs and/or police officers.
Raped with truncheons, beaten and insulted: peaceful protesters suffered for their views
Human rights activists believe the repression against protesters were planned.
Homiel says goodbye to Alyaksandr Vikhor who died due to police brutality
He was the second victim of police brutality.