Alyaksandr Vasilevich

KYKY and The Village co-founder Alyaksandr Vasilevich released in courtroom
Businessman at large, despite the sentence
Minsk: Trial of political prisoner Alyaksandr Vasilevich to be held behind closed doors
Savetski district court of Minsk started hearing the case of political prisoner, well-known media businessman Alyaksandr Vasilevich on January 24. He has already spent 17 months in a pre-trial detention centre.
Political prisoner Alyaksandr Vasilevich writes fairy tale book for daughter
The co-founder of and the Belarusian edition of The Village wrote nine fairy tales for his daughter.
Imprisoned businessman Alyaksandr Vasilevich’s detention extended again
Political prisoner Alyaksandr Vasilevich’s being in custody has been extended again, his wife Nadzeya Zelyankova said on Facebook. He has been kept in jail for nearly one year.
‘Unauthorised mass event’. Business owner gets two-week jail term after visiting KGB