Alyaksandr Papko

How and why Russian agents poison opposition (ENG video)
“I know everyone who tried to kill me”, stated Alexei Navalny after publishing the investigation into his poisoners. But do we know the names of everyone the Kremlin has tried to poison? Investigations into opposition activist Alexei Navalny, spy Sergey Skripal, and civic activists from the North Caucasus are just the tip of the iceberg. Who have the FSB and their colleagues tried to poison, and how?
What do Russia’s security services cost to run? (ENG explainer)
According to the Russian ministry of finance, $250 million could be saved annually if the interior ministry reduced its staff by 10%. The finance ministry also proposed to cut the army by 10%, or around 100,000 people. How many security services does Russia have, and what do they cost to maintain?
Can dictators be put on trial? (ENG explainer)
“To The Hague!” is a common chant at protests in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, as demonstrators demand their authoritarian leaders be sent to the International Criminal Court. Putting a dictator on trial isn’t easy, but it is possible.
Who makes fake coronavirus news and why / ENG video
The EU diplomatic service and US authorities have stated that the Kremlin is spreading false rumours about the epidemic around the world. Who invents fake coronavirus news, and why?
What future may hold for post-coronavirus world (ENG video)
Сonflicts in Central Asia: Who is to blame / ENG video
In Central Asia, ethnic violence erupts regularly. Why do such clashes occur? What can they lead to? 
How much has Ukraine’s army changed? / ENG video
The Ukrainian armed forces have started switching to NATO standards. Medics, military police, intelligence, and general staff were the first to introduce Western terminology, ranks and equipment.
Russian military’s power: Fact or fiction / ENG video
Vladimir Putin celebrated Christmas at the Russian troops’ command post in Syria. The Syrian campaign showed that Russia is capable of waging war “on someone else’s territory and with few casualties”. How has Russia’s army changed and who should be afraid of it?
China and post-Soviet states: Growing influence / ENG video
Slowly but surely, China is building economic, political, and even military ties with the countries that Russia calls its “near abroad”, but Beijing will not be asking for the Kremlin’s permission to expand.