administrative liability

Belarusian authorities put Belsat on country’s list of extremist materials
The Belarusian Information Ministry has added Belsat’s information products to the Republican List of Extremist Materials, as well as the name ‘Belsat’.
Minsker jailed for colored hearts on window
The hearts will be is confiscated.
Hrodna: Editor-in-chief heavily fined over mentioning ‘extremist’ TG channel on news website
On March 19, Leninski district court of Hrodna considered the case of media worker Alyaksei Shota and passed a verdict on him.
Women detained with walking poles sue police
Now they also have to pay.
New Administrative Code comes into force in Belarus
But Article 23.34 is no longer there.
Minsker detained for paper sheet in white-red colours had heart attack in detention centre
On January 31, Minsk resident Alyaksandr Maibarada was detained by officers of Leninski District Department of Internal Affairs.
Homiel: Woman gets five 15-day jail terms
Homiel resident Anastasiya Peravoshchykava has been arrested for another month. She is likely to spend the total of 75 days in the detention centre, Radio Svaboda reports.
Men sentenced to jail and women fined as Maladzechna skiers get punished for 'unsanctioned rally'
Nineteen people were detained.
Riot police break up concert arresting 67 people
The people went to the police station in their own vehicles
‘Petty hooliganism’: Two Belsat TV contributors to spend 10-15 days in prison
On Wednesday, journalist Lyubou Lunyova and cameraman Zmitser Soltan were tried in Savetski district court of Minsk. They have been sentenced to 10 and 15 days in prison respectively.
10.02.2021 employees arrested for 20 days each
Two more will be tried.
Elderly woman having health issues gets 14-day jail term over reportedly showing V sign
On Monday, 66-year-old Zoya Karotkina was tried in Tsentralny district court of Minsk. The woman was found guilty of ‘violating rules of holding mass events’ (Article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offences) and sentenced to 14 days of administrative arrest. When rendering the verdict, the court failed to take her illness into account.
Khoyniki: Youtubing tractor driver gets 10-day jail term
Yauhen Vasilkou, a local tractor driver, father of four kids and author of YouTube channels ‘A Farm Machinery Operator’s Chronicles’ and ‘Khoyniki For Living’, was tried in the town of Khoyniki on Monday.