administrative detention

Minsk detention centre: Women's cell in which journo Iryna Slaunikava is held stages hunger strike
A number of female prisoners who were placed under arrest in the notorious detention centre on Akrestsin Street in Minsk has launched a hunger strike in protest against the harsh conditions of confinement.
Photojournalist Tatsyana Kapitonava gets 10-day jail term
On May 13. freelance photographer Tatsyana Kapitonava was detained at Startup Family coworking in Minsk.
Resident of Valozhyn sentenced to 15 days in jail for red stripe on his white garage
The Belarusian authorities equated the red stripe painted on a garage with holding an unauthorised picket, human rights centre Viasna reports on Telegram.
Minsker jailed for colored hearts on window
The hearts will be is confiscated.
‘Unauthorised mass event’ in forest: 15 days in jail for photos with white-red-white flag
On March 9, six persons were tried in the town of Pinsk over the matter of taking a photo in Luninets district on the eve of Belarusian Police Day. They were sentenced to administrative arrest.
New Administrative Code comes into force in Belarus
But Article 23.34 is no longer there.
‘Petty hooliganism’: Two Belsat TV contributors to spend 10-15 days in prison
On Wednesday, journalist Lyubou Lunyova and cameraman Zmitser Soltan were tried in Savetski district court of Minsk. They have been sentenced to 10 and 15 days in prison respectively.
Minsk IT student leaves Belarus straight after release. He was expected to serve over 100 days
21-year-old Minsker Yan Salanovich, who spent nearly three months in the detention centre on Akrestsin Street, has left Belarus immediately after going out of jail.
RFE/RL publishes photos of camp near Slutsk. It was allegedly set up for keeping 2K protesters
A lot of people detained in the first days of the post-election protests were reported to be taken to the premises of the occupational therapy detox centre near the Belarusian town of Slutsk (Minsk region).
Administrative Code amended to include new punishments and huge fines
New punishments will be introduced on January 1, 2021
Brest: Two journalists sentenced to 15 days in jail
On Friday, Brest-based freelance journalists Maksim Khlyabets and Raman Chmel have got a 15-day term of administrative arrest each for ‘participating in an unauthorised rally’.
Photo reporters Alyaksandr Vasyukovich and Uladz Hrydzin get 11-day jail term each
On Wednesday, photojournalists Uladz Hrydzin and Alyaksandr Vasyukovich have been sentenced to 11 days of administrative arrest each. The latter is a contributor to
Khoyniki: Youtubing tractor driver gets 10-day jail term
Yauhen Vasilkou, a local tractor driver, father of four kids and author of YouTube channels ‘A Farm Machinery Operator’s Chronicles’ and ‘Khoyniki For Living’, was tried in the town of Khoyniki on Monday.