Sri Lankan beauty in Belarusian village

Branavasaruby Sivabalaratnam came to Belarus from Sri Lanka to get international medical education. Now she is practicing medicine in the neurosurgery unit of the Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

To make her life in Belarus easier, she even shortened the name by 8 letters — to Brana.

“From the early childhood I wanted to live in a place where there is a lot of snow and very cold, where there is less sun than in my country. Rain is also very important in my life. If it starts to rain, I run around in my pajamas or in the clothes that I have, I dance or just walk alone. Even without a cloak or umbrella,” says Brana.

The girl’s parents say that Belarus is so attractive for her, because she lived here in her previous life.

In this life, however, Brana has been living in Belarus only for 3 years. During this time she never went out into the woods, to the river, did not pick berries and mushrooms, she has never even visited a village.

“It is my dream to visit the village, to stay for a while in a small hut, in a very old hut, go to the forest, talk with the villagers and feel the atmosphere of this place,” said the girl.

The dream of the Belarusian Volha Trubach is to restore the estate of her grandfathers. For this she moved to the countryside for the summer. Volha welcomed a guest from Sri Lanka.

For the first time in her life Brana tried well water, bathed in the river, picked mushrooms and even danced in the middle of the forest in a real Belarusian national dress.

“I could not imagine that such a day would come in my life! This day is incredible! I have no words. I just do not know what to say. Now I will dream that this happens to me at least once a week. If there is a medical university, then I will move here and stay here in the middle of the forest. This kind of life is the best!” Brana shared her impressions.

Brana’s dream has come true, and everyone can help fulfill Volha’s dream. All those who want to spend time in this beautiful place and help a little with the works on the estate are invited by Volha to her village Lyubki.

What other adventures awaited the girl from Sri Lanka? Watch the next series “Welcome to Belarus” (video above).

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