Enough! To Freedom...

Director: Andrey Kutsila Year: 2011

Minsk. December 19th 2010. After the Belarus government blatantly hijacked the results of the presidential election, tens of thousands of Belarusians came to the streets in a peaceful protest. Tired of a ubiquitous system of lies, these demonstrators set their sights on truth and freedom.

‘Enough! To Freedom’ was released in December, 2011, on the very day next year after the 2010 presidential election.

The film presents dramatic events as viewed by the participants who came through jail trials. Greatly affronted by vote rigging, thousands of Belarusians took part in the demonstration: being sick and tired of living a lie they believed they were going to Freedom. But in Independence Square the protesters came across the wall of special operations soldiers and convoy of prison trucks: on their way to Freedom dozens of severely beaten people were hurled into jail, then lost their jobs or were withdrawn from universities.

The authors of the film interviewed some of the people involved in the drama. The film characters keep weighing their trip to freedom, each having its own image of present-day Belarus in mind.

In 2012 the film got Audience Award at OFF Film Festival in the town of Opuzen, Croatia.

In 2013, the documentary by Vyachaslau Rakitski and Andrey Kutsila was honoured at the International Film Festival in Košice, Slovakia. It was awarded for ‘the relation of Belarusian citizens’ pursuit of freedom’.