Zmitser Lupach

Authorities release several journos, activists detained in recent ‘operation’. Nasha Niva employees still in jail
On July 11, detained Belsat TV journalist Zmitser Lupach and activist Alyaksandr Sharabayka were released from prison. The three-day term, during which the detainees were to be informed whether a criminal case was instituted against them, expired.
KGB reports ‘large-scale clean-up operation’. Results of Thursday’s attack on press and activists
On July 8, Belarusian security agencies carried out a large-scale attack on independent Belarusian media outlets.
Hlybokaye: Belsat TV contributor heavily fined over making news story about Belarus police
On May 25, local journalist Zmitser Lupach was tried in Hlybokaye district court.
Two Belsat TV contributors detained in Dokshytsy over filming in central square
On April 13, Belsat TV journalists Zmitser Lupach and Alena Shabunya came to the town of Dokshytsy (Vitsebsk region).
Belsat journalists detained, tried amid protests
Over the past days, our contributors have been covering the elections and protests in different parts of our country. They are facing persecution for performing their professional duties.
Lukashenka is after Belsat journalists -- new reportage
Our story is about Belsat journalists, who have to take risks every day.
Freelance journalist gets hefty fine for contribution to Belsat TV
On May 26, Zmitser Lupach, a journalist from the town of Hlybokaye, appeared before Sharkaushchyna district court.
Vitsebsk court rejects Belsat TV contributor’s appeal
On May 22, Vitsebsk Regional Court heard a case against Belsat TV contributor Zmitser Lupach. The freelance journalist from the town of Hlybokaye appealed against the court rulings to punish him with arrest and fine.
One more case opened against Belsat TV contributor
Another administrative case has been initiated against Zmitser Lupach, a journalist from the town of Hlybokaye, who cooperates with Belsat TV.
Belsat contributor Lupach discharged from hospital and expected in detention facility
He is to return to the detention center on Monday.
OSCE, RSF urge Belarus authorities to release four sentenced journalists
The OSCE Media Freedom representative and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) have condemned the persecution of independent Belarusian journalists.
After sentence: Belsat TV contributor taken to hospital
On Monday, Zmitser Lupach, a freelance journalist from the town of Hlybokaye, was heavily fined and sentenced to 10-day jail term. After the trial, the Belsat contributor needed emergency medical treatment.
Belarus: Activists tried in bulk, Belsat TV contributors detained
In the run-up to Victory Day celebrations, the Belarusian police are detaining activists in Minsk, Mahiliou, Lida, Hrodna and other places of the country. Many of them have already appeared before court; two Belsat contributors are also in the crosshairs.