2019.07.25 07:21

Belarusian diplomat badly wounded in Turkey

2019.06.03 11:24

Ramzan Kadyrov’s son stars in Turkish TV series

2019.05.15 05:12

Turkey discovers cracks in its nuclear power plant foundation made by Rosatom

2019.05.07 10:47

Turkey orders re-run of Istanbul election after Erdogan party defeat

2019.04.17 08:11

Lukashenka hopes for new milestone in Belarus-Turkey relations

2017.05.30 11:02

Moscow suspects Minsk of reexporting banned Turkish tomatoes to Russia

2016.11.04 08:52

Turkey’s Erdogan to open mosque in Minsk next week

2016.10.12 09:08

Putin’s spokesman falls asleep during Erdogan’s speech

2016.07.16 13:06 Video

Coup attempt in Turkey leaves 250 people killed and over 2,000 injured (video)

2016.07.04 10:15

Downed Su-24 forgotten? Turkey top destination for Russians again

2016.06.30 13:30 Дадалося выніковае відэа

Istanbul bombers were Russian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz nationals – Turkey govt official, media

2016.04.15 14:58

‘Pillar of stability and security’. Belarus seeks closer ties with Muslim world – Lukashenka

2016.04.14 09:36

Putin’s main ally wants Turkey’s money. Erdogan promises to visit Belarus

2016.04.13 14:21

Lukashenka to speak at Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Turkey

2016.03.30 08:43

Volleyball game in Turkey: Russians given middle finger