2019.09.05 15:37

Belarusian MIA predicts increase in card money theft

2019.06.06 12:44

Interior Minister: Bomb threat reports came from abroad

2019.04.04 06:14

Belarus comes last in regional cybersecurity rating

2019.02.27 12:44

High treason: FSB colonel, Kaspersky Lab employee sentenced to long-term imprisonment

2019.02.12 13:30 Video

Russia treats Belarus as enemy, foreign intelligence report claims / ENG video

2019.02.04 13:38

‘Unprecedented step’ and national security: Lukashenka increases number of border guards

2019.01.21 14:18

‘Euro-Atlantic region and Eurasia’. Lukashenka dreams of Minsk as dialogue venue

2018.11.09 06:58

CSTO members fail to select new Secretary General in Astana

2018.10.31 15:12

Belarusians may be most reliable partners of yours – Lukashenka to US rep at MSC Core Group meeting

2018.10.24 15:15

Russian threat, Crimean scenario, Belarus NPP. US general Ben Hodges’ interview to Belsat TV (ENG video)

2018.10.16 06:51

If Azerbaijan fires at Yerevan, would Belarus protect Armenia?

2018.10.08 06:24

We need strong Belarus with strong army, Polish General says

2018.06.12 14:33

Two attacks in row: Pro-Russian hackers going after after Belarus officials?

2018.04.03 09:48

Gospromnadzor finds over 1,000 safety violations in public places

2018.02.28 11:45

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy: The problem of Russian threat remains almost unnoticed in Poland