Belarus no longer determines its fate, historian claims Participation of the Belarusian military in the war is a red line

Can Russia withstand international isolation after attacking Ukraine? Russia now owes 117 million

Russia desperate for Instagram replacement The social network will be called Rossgram

Belarusian military may wear Russian uniform to join war, Ukraine says Some Belarusians refuse to fight in Ukraine

As Lukashenka asks China for help, U.S. issues warning to Beijing There will be a meeting in Rome about it

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War in Ukraine: 10-11 March All you need to know about the last two days

Police detain Mozyr residents who wanted to destroy Russian military equipment In Ukraine, they created a Belarusian battalion

Russia will default in April, Morgan Stanley predicts A default in Russia would be similar to the situation in Venezuela.

Russia bans sale of foreign currency to population Russian citizens can now withdraw no more than $10,000 from their foreign currency…

Russia most sanctioned country in the world

Russia compiles list of ‘unfriendly states’ It includes practically all the countries of Europe

Ukraine says it neutralized third of Russian army and promised ‘surprise’ Kremlin has sent 90% of the available forces to Ukraine

At least 150 journalists left Russia after war in Ukraine began They leave in bulk.

Radio Liberty stops its work in Russia Media refused to remove info about Russia's attack on Ukraine