riot police

2019.07.31 12:41 Video

Iconic Russian rock musician writes song about police’s beating protesters in Moscow

2019.07.24 10:28 Updated

Russian oppositionist Navalny detained over calls for protest

2019.07.04 06:56

Special police detain Young Front activists in Kurapaty

2019.06.21 08:39

Mute man accused of public yelling and swearing appeals to UN

2019.05.20 12:26

Belarusians invent barrier to replace 24 riot policemen

2019.05.20 10:57 Photos

Longest-ever protest in Belarus: 14 months of Brest ‘feeding pigeons’

2019.05.06 12:39

Belarus special forces win championship in Chechnya

2019.04.04 09:13 Updated

Belarus regime removing crosses at Stalin-era mass grave site near Minsk

2019.03.20 14:57

Former political prisoner brutally detained in Minsk

2018.11.22 06:53

Another monument to riot police to appear in Belarus, this time in Minsk

2018.11.12 09:40

Protests against hazardous plant: Brest police detain ‘fox man’

2018.10.01 09:19

Hazardous battery plant in Brest: Two protesters to stand trial

2018.09.10 07:55 Video

Russian teenager speaks about his arrest during protest

2018.09.03 14:28

Brest blogger Pyatrukhin forcibly taken for mental assessment

2018.08.24 13:30 Video

Minsk police detain former political prisoner, activists