persecution of journalists

2019.07.31 10:01

Brest court fines Belsat TV contributors in absentia

2019.06.26 11:39

‘Certain conditions’ needed for pardoning Ukrainian journo jailed in Belarus

2019.06.10 06:27

Russian journalist Ivan Golunov persecuted for professional activities

2019.03.22 15:47

Belarus authorities set to make us stop contributing to Belsat – journalist

2019.03.04 10:21

High-profile media case: Popular news portal editor-in chief heavily fined

2019.02.06 12:48

Unlocking Belsat TV secrets: It’s just the beginning!

2019.01.31 14:25

Orwell speechless: Brest court penalizes making snowman, covering protests

2019.01.30 16:29

High-profile case: Popular news portal chief editor to stand trial soon

2019.01.24 15:08

Brest hazardous plant: Protester to stand trial over making snowman

2019.01.14 14:59

Journalist Ales Kirkevich to face trial for story shown on Belsat

2019.01.11 17:18

Minsk: Case of popular news portal editor-in-chief submitted to court

2018.11.30 15:17

Minsk: Popular news portal editor-in-chief still defendant in notorious case

2018.11.13 10:40

Ukraine arrests suspect of organising murder of activist Kateryna Handziuk

2018.11.06 14:40

Authorities harassing my family – Belsat TV contributor

2018.11.06 08:58

BelTA copyright infringement case: First charges brought