2019.07.25 11:08

Lukashenka threatens officials with imprisonment for livestock loss

2019.06.25 10:31

Former Uzbek leader’s daughter says she gave $1.2 bn back to state

2019.05.21 12:22

32 dead: Tajik authorities charge fault on IS ex-militants for riot in jail

2018.10.12 11:49 Photos

It was shocking, says British man about two years in Belarusian prison in exclusive interview to Belsat

2018.09.12 07:30

‘No happy end’. Oleg Sentsov makes his will

2018.08.27 09:40 Video

Russian media publish new video of torture in Yaroslavl colony

2018.08.21 12:56 Photos

Crime and punishment? Belarus-born Kremlin call girl in Thai paddy wagon

2018.05.15 08:34

Japanese man soon to be released from Belarusian prison

2017.11.16 06:29

ISIS supporter from Belarus sentenced to 12 years in prison

2017.10.23 14:10

Political prisoner Dzmitry Paliyenka put in punishment cell for 7 days

2017.08.16 13:00

Political prisoner Zmitser Paliyenka placed in punishment cell