2018.09.07 11:01

Minsk authorities deny permission to hold march of solidarity with journalists

2018.05.28 12:33

For free Russia. Political dissidents meet in Lithuania

2018.04.26 13:13

‘No violation of Constitution!’ Belarus, Armenia leaders speak on phone

2018.04.24 08:55

People’s victory must be recognised with no ifs and no buts – leader of protests in Armenia

2018.04.12 14:43 Video

Referendum of 1995 that changed Belarus

2018.03.21 14:55

Minsk police after Lukashenka’s former rival

2018.02.28 12:12

Minsk authorities: No march, concert on Freedom Day

2018.02.26 12:17

100 years of Belarus nationhood proclamation: Rally, concert, but no march in Minsk

2018.01.31 15:09

Opposition raising funds for celebrating centennial of Belarus nationhood proclamation

2018.01.08 13:45 Photos

Picketers with white-red-white flags in Minsk

2018.01.02 14:35

Anti-Putin activist stabbed in St. Petersburg

2017.12.18 11:07

Opposition leader Lyabedzka fined for collecting signatures against Minister Raukou

2017.11.29 12:48

Only 34 opposition representatives allowed in electoral commissions

2017.11.08 06:11 Video

Socio-political info channel for children to be created in Russia

2017.08.04 06:44

Russian opposition activist extradited by Belarus accused of terrorism