2019.05.22 11:49

Eight Ukrainian soldiers taken captive by pro-Russian forces in Donbas

2019.05.21 12:22

32 dead: Tajik authorities charge fault on IS ex-militants for riot in jail

2019.04.04 16:52 Video

Ukraine border guards detain Donbas militant deported from Belarus

2019.03.27 14:44 Video

10 mercenaries arrested in Belarus – Interior Ministry

2019.02.25 13:45

Russia’s FSB after paramilitary group spotted in Donbas, trainings for minors

2019.01.14 13:43

I’d like to twist your neck: Donbas militant threatens Belsat TV journo after publication

2019.01.04 08:10

DNR militant sentenced for 18 months in prison in Belarus, but not for fighting in Donbas

2018.10.26 15:10

Pro-Russian separatist travelling from Minsk detained at Kyiv airport

2018.10.11 14:47

Russian neo-Nazi who tortured Ukrainian prisoners shows off his holiday in Belarus

2018.08.02 08:27

Italian police uncover gang recruiting mercenaries to fight for Donbas separatists

2018.05.08 13:00

Belarus citizen who fought for separatist republic jailed for 2 years

2018.02.07 15:14

Ukraine’s SBU detains Russian spy in Odessa

2017.12.14 13:12 Video

Homiel: Belarus citizen who fought for separatists in Donbas gets prison term

2017.11.19 09:26

DPR militant from Rechitsa sentenced to 2 years

2017.10.25 10:16 Video

Ukraine: Four killed servicemen in Donbas in past 24 hours