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2019.05.03 13:41

Mass Media in Belarus expo: Independent journos bringing press freedom into public eye

2019.03.07 15:37 Video

What could Lukashenka twist neck for?

2019.02.20 11:02

Russian TV workers denied entry into Moldova

2018.12.10 13:33 Інфаграфіка

90 detentions, $74K fines in 2 years. Belsat keeps calm and carries on in spite of persecution

2018.11.15 13:35

USA considers Lukashenka lesser of two evils – media expert

2018.11.06 08:58

BelTA copyright infringement case: First charges brought

2018.09.25 00:19

Belarusians of Crimea want to have own TV

2018.08.06 09:30

The Washington Post about Belsat TV journos: ‘Belarus independent media on edge of survival’

2018.08.03 09:53

Blog pranks Russian ‘insider’ Telegram channel

2018.06.07 07:45

Belarus may introduce criminal liability for fake information

2018.05.28 17:40 Photos

Homiel journalist heavily fined for livestream on her Facebook

2018.05.21 07:10 Video

Belsat on YouTube: our new chapter

2018.05.03 11:40

EFJ urges Belarus authorities to stop persecuting independent journalists

2018.04.19 13:05

Belarus MPs pass amendments to media law in first reading

2018.02.06 14:49

Lukashenka removes notorious heads of state-run media. For further promotion?