2019.08.14 14:58

Lukashenka visiting Mahiliou region: Thievery in full bloom

2019.08.14 12:59

In chase of drinks and web fame: Young Belarusians do shopping naked

2019.06.20 07:29 Video

BelMash plant female staff allowed to work in swimsuits (VIDEO)

2019.03.07 07:12

‘Miss Mahiliou 2019’ beauty pageant selection draws 46 contestants (photos)

2019.02.13 07:26 Photos

Photo exhibition about people with special needs opens in Minsk

2019.02.06 15:57

Russian PM Medvedev lambasts Belarus for ‘unfair competition’

2019.01.08 10:05

Free food and entertainment on Orthodox Christmas in Mahiliou (photos)

2018.11.28 05:00

Another person executed in Belarus

2018.10.11 10:47

Triumphal arch, ban on protest: Window dressing in Mahiliou ahead of Putin, Lukashenka arrival

2018.10.10 09:10

Putin, Lukashenka to discuss Belarus-Russia relations in Mahiliou

2018.10.08 10:52 Photos

‘Volodya, Go Home’: Leaflets on occasion of Putin’s visit to Mahiliou

2018.04.30 12:22 Photos

Mahiliou: Lenin ready for May Day (photos)

2017.12.08 13:32

Babruysk: Blogger loses case over Belarus police’s honour and dignity

2017.11.27 10:56

Putin on wanted list: Mahiliou police twitter account hacked

2017.11.02 18:25

Child in ICU after accident in Mahiliou