Interior Ministry

2019.10.10 11:03

With Russia’s much contribution: Over 1 mln barred from entering Belarus

2019.09.05 15:37

Belarusian MIA predicts increase in card money theft

2019.07.15 13:55

Pro-Lukashenka youth union facing bomb alert

2019.06.12 07:44

New Belarus Interior Minister — who is he?

2019.06.10 11:45

Belarus Interior Minister Shunevich resigns

2019.06.06 12:44

Interior Minister: Bomb threat reports came from abroad

2019.05.23 09:38

Drones, protests unwanted: Lukashenka for ‘heartwarming’ European Games (ENG video)

2019.05.20 12:26

Belarusians invent barrier to replace 24 riot policemen

2019.05.17 12:12

‘They shall not pass!’ UK Embassy flying rainbow flag, Belarus ministry still outraged

2019.05.06 12:39

Belarus special forces win championship in Chechnya

2019.04.29 14:17

Mothers-328: There’ll be Maidan if authorities fail to heed our plea

2019.04.09 14:24

Belarus expels top Latvian historian blacklisted by Russia

2019.01.03 07:56

Belarus introduces free e-registration for foreigners

2018.12.06 11:31 Video

Coming out of the year: Belarus Interior Minister behind statue slapping row

2018.11.15 13:18 Video

Belarus police make young man apologize for slapping monument to policeman