Military intelligence officer sentenced to 19 years in prison
He was accused of high treason
BBC interviews Lukashenka in Minsk amid migrant crisis
BBC has interviewed Lukashenka
'People are being tortured in our prisons, as they used to be in concentration camps.' What is Svetlana Alexievich's new book about?
The Belarusian writer, a Nobel laureate, told in an interview to the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza that her new work is dedicated to the Belarusian protests. Here are some statements of Alexievich about the possibility of returning to Belarus, the events of August 2020, and her new book.
US intel report: ‘Russia is well positioned to intervene in Belarus if it deems necessary’
In 2021, Russia will continue to employ a variety of tactics meant to undermine US influence, divide Western countries and weaken Western alliances, and develop its military, nuclear, space, cyber, and intelligence capabilities, the US Intelligence Community says in its annual Threat Assessment.
Intel: KGB attempts to recruit Lithuanians by resorting to blackmail, staging incidents, luring into ‘honey traps’
The Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) is spotted in more frequently using dirty tricks against Lithuanians visiting Belarus, the Lithuanian special services say in the 2021 National Threat Assessment. The report is based on the information available before 5 February 2021.
Imprisoned opposition activist Maryia Kalesnikava: ‘We live in police state’
Maryia Kalesnikava, a member of the opposition Coordination Council and activist in might-have-been presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka’s election team, responded in writing to questions put by Der Spiegel, Current Time, and Dozhd.
Lukashenka unveils secret 'Warsaw-Berlin' call
In a recording released on September 4, two unknown individuals speak in English. It is not explained who these people are.
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya tells about family, faith and politics in exclusive interview with Belsat TV
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya has given an exclusive interview to Belsat TV in Vilnius, where she was taken by order of the current authorities after the presidential elections.
Russian GRU officer involved in poisonings in Europe worked as diplomat in Geneva - report
Yegor Gordiyenko, a member of the Russian military intelligence group that poisoned businessman Emilian Gebrev in Bulgaria, worked under diplomatic cover at the Russian Mission to the World Trade Organisation in Geneva, a joint investigation report by OSINT group Bellingcat, Swiss website Tamedia and Russian media project The Insider reads.