2018.09.27 11:05

Belarus pensioner facing prison term for selling his tablets

2018.08.22 12:02 Video

Argentina burns 400 kg of cocaine found at Russian embassy

2018.08.01 09:48

Instagram model to spend several years in Belarusian colony for drug smuggling

2018.07.19 09:40 Photos

Darya Zhuk talks about 90’s, double-glazed windows and her favorite place in Minsk

2018.06.26 06:50 Video

Belarusians call for amended punishment for drug crimes

2018.05.18 05:23

Amendments to ‘drug’ article 328 revealed

2018.05.16 04:49

Minsk citizen grew marijuana in greenhouses near Hrodna

2018.05.01 06:43 Video

Muscle spasms and weakness: hunger strike in Kalinkavichy and Pukhavichy continues

2018.04.16 11:19 Video

Russian man detained for attempt to smuggle 36 kilograms of hashish into Belarus

2018.03.12 07:56

Police seize almost kilo of psychotropic drugs from 20-year-old Minsk man

2018.02.23 13:26

Hurrahs on web: Nearly 400 kg found in Russian embassy in Buenos Aires

2016.09.27 20:09

Girl brings ecstasy into Belarus, gets jailed for 12 years

2016.05.31 04:12 Photos

Belarus police seize $3 million methadone batch

2016.04.27 17:17 Video

21-year-old Minsker sets up drug lab in rented flat

2016.03.09 11:09

Lukashenka urged to stop drug trafficking from Russia