2019.11.25 10:49 Updated

Belarus journo suspected of smuggling weed claims planting

2019.11.20 13:34

Russian citizen on trial for drug smuggling

2019.10.30 13:44

Up to 7 years: Russian MPs may criminalize ‘drugs propaganda’ on web

2019.09.25 12:52

Poland arrests Russians carrying 50 kg ecstasy to Belarus

2019.09.12 11:05

Belarusian attempts to smuggle 1.8 kg of cocaine into China

2019.07.16 12:56

Minsk: Students use car sharing service to carry drugs

2019.06.14 06:01

Belarusian drug legislation finally amended

2019.06.13 13:27

Putin orders to dismiss two police generals amid frame-up scandal

2019.06.11 12:33 Photos

Mothers-328: Drug convicts relatives on hunger strike again

2019.05.23 11:47

Belarus to allow foreigners use medical marijuana and amphetamine during European Games

2019.04.29 14:17

Mothers-328: There’ll be Maidan if authorities fail to heed our plea

2019.04.29 12:22

Breaking bad: Russians set up biggest-ever drug lab in Belarus

2019.02.04 07:58

Russian sailors suspected of trafficking cocaine placed under arrest in Cape Verde

2018.10.23 05:41

Russia views opium poppy cultivation as response to sanctions

2018.10.18 09:43 Video

Hrodna drug dealer who fled to US extradited to Belarus